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Our planet: Earth

septiembre 12, 2013

The first Unit of this course studies what is Geography and how is our planet, Earth. If we watch the following video we can try to answer the first question: what is Geography and why is so important?

Earth is a planet from the Solar System and it´s the only planet known at the moment, in which is possible the life. Why? You can learn a lot about Earth in the following video.

Show this amazing slide about the Solar System. It could provides you information about different historical views of this corner of the Universe. Discover each of its planets and try to stand why happen the seasons, eclipses, and the day and night, for instance.

Do you want to learn more about the Solar System? Let´s sing together!

Here you have an Our Planet Earth worksheet to learn better with the resources before.

Well, it´s time to read, study and do some exercises about Earth and Geography. I would like to show you an excellent web very useful for us during this first Unit.

What about Geography

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  1. almudena permalink

    hello teacher victor i´m Almudena.i´m study in the bailinguel section .i´m looked your´s videos i´m like.Bay bay teacher.


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