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The representation of the Earth: maps

octubre 22, 2013

Geography uses maps to represent our planet. Maps allow that we can find exactly all the places which are located on Earth´s surface. If you want to learn about Geography, you will get used to find information in a map. The next video explains what are latitude and longitude, that respectivly divide Earth with paralels and meridians.

How can you locate a place using paralels and meridians? The next video offers the keys you need for that! You are going to learn how to read latitude and longitude in a map.

Now, let´s train your skills to use latitude and longitude coordenates. In this Maps worksheet you can do a lot of exercises. The next latitude and longitude finder could help you.

There are different types of maps. Then, the next slide will show which are the most frequents in Geography.

If this wasn´t enough for you, read the following digital book and practice with its exercises!

What about Geography

Finally, let´s sin togheter! It´s available a karaoke version of the song!

One Comment
  1. rosa maria permalink

    Victor, tu capacidad de trabajo no deja de asombrarme.¡ Y qué materiales tan bonitos! Enhorabuena.


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