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The map of my life

octubre 29, 2013

Maps show us the location of places, topographical features, population, nations, continents, industrial, agricultural production and roads, for instance. They actually are a really important part of our lives, due to we live in the geograpical space, and our facts and memories happened there. The map of our life is a kind of map of our memories, feelings and identity. We want to purpose to you to take part of a trip through the places where were so important in your life. Our project is to think about important places in our lives and to create a map to show and talk about these places.

To start, we want to ask you something:

  • How often do you use a map?
  • What type of map did you use?
  • What type of map do people use most often?

This project is made up of two tasks, In the first task, pupils must complete a worksheet writing information about their lives and special places they remember. The next document is the guide that you should use for it.

Now, it´s time to begin the second task. You need to prepare a map with Google Maps which shows the important places in your life and tell your class why they are important to you. You can customize your map uploading pictures, videos and more information. Consult these tutorials (parts 1, 2, 3 y 4) about how to create and edit a map with Google Maps.

The project will be valued by your teacher through two rubrics. In each them, you can find evaluation criteria that will be the refference to measure your work. Peer the column of the excellence (“Sobresaliente”), work hardly and try to obtain it!

Rubric to evaluate the map.

Rubric to evaluate your speech to the class.

4 comentarios
  1. Enhorabuena Víctor, me parece una gran idea para estimular a los chavales.

    Un gran trabajo.

    • ¡Muchas gracias José Luis! La verdad es que las tareas sencillas y cercanas al contexto del alumnado son las que mejor me han funcionado en 1º de ESO. Por otra parte, intento que desde las clases de la sección bilingüe, el uso de la lengua extranjera sea práctico para ello, huyendo de demasiados tecnicismos de nuestra materia que luego se olvidan si no se usan.
      ¡Un honor tus comentarios!

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