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The Earth´s Relief

noviembre 24, 2013

As you know, our planet is made up of land and water. The land is separated into six large landmasses known as continents. The continents are not flat. They have different kinds of relief, including plains, plateaus, mountain ranges, valleys and basins.

Around the continents are oceans. The action of the water on the land has changed  the shape of coastal areas. It has produced beaches, cliffs, gulfs, peninsulas and capes. Groups of islands in the middle of the sea are known  as archipielagos.

Watching the next slide created by José Ángel Martínez you will improve a lot learning about relief.

The following videos are really interesting and easy to study the Earth´s relief. You will understand so much information about the structure of Earth, what is an earthquake and volcanoes.

For this unit, we will use as worksheet these two excellents digital books, with a lot of graphics, videos, questions ans texts about the Earth´s relief. The first is dedicated to the Earth´s surface and its different kind of relief. But also, it contains information about the structure of the Earth adn tectonic plates. On the other hand, the second book shows us how are the continents and their physical features.

Earth´s surface

The seven continentsFinally, let´s sing! Do you feel able to sing the Volcanoes´rap?

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