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World climates and landscapes

febrero 24, 2014

In this unit we are going to inquire about what is climate and how we could describe it. Climate is related with different natural landscapes (biomes) in the world. Natural world is made up of many stable relationships and dependences between climate, biomes and human´s behaviour. Nowadays, humans tend to modify this stability, generating environmental hazards which are threatening natural life.

I would like to present you these amazing resources from the BBC schools website, where you can read texts, watch videos and answer tests about climate, landscapes and environmental risks.

Link to a web page. Open in a new window

Link to a web page. Open in a new window.

If this is not enough for you, I offer you more digi-books to get information about these topics.

The following videos show relevant environmental problems that actually happen. Deforestation and climatic change are a real threaten to protect species and conserv the best conditions for natural life. I hope they will be useful to increase people´s environmental awareness.

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