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Mysteries of the past

mayo 16, 2014

Prehistory and Ancient Age are enigmatics periods because historians don’t conserve a lot of sources that allow describe and explain all the details of these cultures and civilisations. Youngsters are frequently interested in explore events related with mysteries and curious stories of the past. Why not a project based on learning about historical secrets and enigmas?

Howard Carter in Tutankhamun's tomb

Our students will become in young archaeologists with an important mission: shed light on different aspects hidden in the deepest part of our historical memory. They should explore a varied archeological, artistic, religious or mythical information in a depht inquiry process. Their conclussions will be published in a slide whose contents will be explained after to their classmates.  The students are going to work in pairs and the best resources will be published together in a digital timeline created with Dipity.

The topics purposed for this edition of the project, are redacted as driving questions that should be able to capture the heart of the project and to produce a meaningful knowledge in our students:

Read carefully the linked pages. To analyse these resources, be sure to undesrtand every word, term or expression. If it is not the case, either ask the teacher or look up what you do not understand in a dictionary. Your work should sum up the topic, with short sentences, describing its main content points. What happened? When? Who were the protagonists of the story? Your presentation will ve evaluated with the following rubric:

Be a time explorer! Be cautious with curses and another old ghosts; enjoy diving in the forgotten pages of human memories…

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