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The 5 Most Pressing Problems on the Planet

septiembre 22, 2014

Laurie Clement is a Canadian teacher and Google Education Trainer who has developed an amazing educational experience about Globalisation. It’s called “Global Students-Global Perspectives” and it is designed to stimulate students to work and collaborate from all around the world. This educational resource is made up of four Projects based on Learning about Globalisation and its effects in the world today.

Solving jigsaw puzzle

The first project is “The 5 Most Pressing Problems on the Planet“, an international collaboration of middle school students about worrying issues that concern us today. As an international mixed group, students research, using Google technologies, what they feel that are the five most pressing problems on the planet. Each group should prepare a short presentation about what these real problems are, with a brief description of each one, an outline of what has been done to address the issue and, finally, which potential solutions could be useful to fix them. IES Dos Mares, in the CLIL subject Citizenship, will take part in this project with our students of 2nd ESO. I would like to share with you a presentation which sums up the contents, resources and procedures of the first project of the course.

In my opinion, this kind of projects is really practical to spread a new educational way based on the implementation of modern learning skills such us collaboration, creativity, curating data, critical thinking, the assumption of democratic roles in the classroom, empathy and global stewardship. Therefore, it’s an idoneus way for extending the limits of the classroom and for connecting curricula with real problems of the real world. I’m firmly convinced that technology could turn the entire world into a single and connectivist classroom.

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