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Why is the Middle Ages so important for us?

octubre 23, 2014

When you study History, you may sometimes feel that events that happened a long time ago, aren’t so important for your life. There is a wide distance between the contents that you learn in your History classes and your daily experiences. However, this project will try to change your mind. History is basically a science which preserves the memory of the Human being along the time. Have you ever asked yourself about the origin of different issues, such as numbers, modern technologies, banks or universitary education? Maybe not. All the answers to these questions are in the Middle Ages.

The study of the past is really significant for us. What we are is absolutely conditioned by what we were. So I invite you to dive in different past events related with Science, Politics, Economy and Technology to show you some ideas about the importance of the historical knowledge. Are you ready to start?


History of Jerusalem. Imagen de Wikimedia Commons BY SA

You are going to work in pairs or in groups of three people maximum. You should create a concept map about one of the next topics using Popplet, an easy multimedia App to create amazing schemes. Your concept map should provide information about:

  • Name of the invention or the institution
  • Author (s). Who were the protagonists of these historical changes?
  • Chronology. When did they appear?
  • Geographical location. Which countries, regions or cities were the the pioneers of these innovations?
  • Birth causes. What reasons led to the birth of these innovations?
  • Features. In this field, you should describe deeply how it worked and why the lifestyle was so different since then.
  • Main uses. I suggest that you try to underline the most important uses and effects on Science, Economy or Politics provoked by these events.
  • Why is so important for us? Consider the way on it is affecting us nowadays.

The selected topics for this project are based on the following questions:

Why do we write the numbers as 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9?

How can we use nature as a energetic resource?

Why are banks so important for Economy?

What are stock markets?

 Why can we study at University after our Secondary studies?

Why are citizens represented in Parliament and Local Governments?

Why can we read some printed books?

The project will be evaluated with two rubrics. Firstly, throug a rubric to evaluate the concept map using a digital tool. And secondly, a rubric to evaluate an oral exposition to the rest of the class. During your working process, pay special attention to the quality of your information, your researching skills, creativity and originality and, of course, collaborative work. Good luck!


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